A Memoir to the Class of 2022!

 A Memoir to the Class of 2022!

Last year was one for the books, and we are grateful to you for making it one we will certainly never forget! Coming back after two years, we didn’t know what to expect, but you exceeded all expectations and partied up a storm!

We captured these beautiful moments through the eyes of four brilliant photographers: Kyle Kingsley, Kick Push Kgosi, Shane van Schalkwyk and Chloe Loughead. All their albums are now on our Facebook page, where you can reminisce about the good times and share these spectacular memories. 

If you share the love and memories on your social media pages, please be sure to tag @plettrageoffical and the respective photographer who caught the beautiful moment for you. You will find their handle under each image.

Our first after-movie of three is also out now, have a look at the essence of Plett Rage’s picturesque location. Watch the first after-movie now, and relive the good times!