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For over two decades, we have been creating mind-blowing memories and transforming lives for thousands of attendees. We’ve tackled every question imaginable, from concerns about safety and security to questions about accommodation and tickets. But fear not, we’ve got your back! In this section, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to give you peace of mind and satisfy any queries you or your guardians may have about the festival. So, let’s get hyped and get ready to rage in Plett!



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For a detailed breakdown of the transport plan at Plett Rage please visit the dedication section on our website!

For tips on accommodation at Plett Rage please visit the dedication section on our website!

You can find all the Terms & Conditions here.

Unfortunately, the event cancellation insurance available to event organisers in South Africa does not cover communicable diseases, as per the policy found here.

Similarly, if you have purchased ticket insurance, you are not covered for an event cancellation due to a government ban or travel warning, as per the policy here.

Plett Rage’s terms and conditions govern the refund process.
You can find all the refund conditions here.

Plett Rage is a completely cashless event. Nothing is more frustrating than leaving your wallet at home or discovering that you overspent the previous night. Keeping track of your spending is made easier when you go cashless.

With our wristbands, you can upload money and purchase with a single tap on the pay point. When you make a purchase, your bartender/vendor will let you know how much money you have left on your wristband. Top-ups are equally easy. Simply go to the Howler Top-Up station and tell them how much money you want on your wristband. You can top up with cash, card, or virtually from your Howler account. You are in complete control.

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Plett Rage 2024. What better way to do this than by honouring the age-old tradition of having a week-long jol with your best mates, the ones who carried you through it all. Buy your Passport now and make memories for a lifetime!