We have a whole lot of “new” for your #PlettRage2023 experience!

We have a whole lot of “new” for your #PlettRage2023 experience!

Hi there Plett Rager!

Do we have news for you? Here’s some critical information you cannot miss out on before the official sales launch of Plett Rage 2023!

Launching the new Plett Rage website!

We’re excited to announce the launch of the first phase of the new Plett Rage website! Check it out before the festival’s sales launch to stay up-to-date on everything Plett Rage offers.

Introducing the Plett Rage 2023 App!

Stay up-to-date with all the action right at your fingertips! View the official venue locations & clubs for the year, “Friends of The Festival”, and quickly pinpoint where you are compared to all the excitement! If you still need to book your accommodation, no problem! The app will help you find the best spot to stay so you can be right in the heart of the action! 

Don’t miss out on a beat; download the Woov App and search Plett Rage now! 

What are Passport Phases?

Phases refer to the different stages or periods of sales for an event. As the event organisers, we will release tickets in several phases or waves, each with a different price point and availability. 

The passport phase encourages people to purchase tickets earlier rather than later. By purchasing tickets in the earlier phases, you can take advantage of lower prices and secure your spot at the event before it sells out. 

In the past, our Early Bird & Phase 1 Passports sell out in mere hours, and with Pre-Reg Matrics having a 48-hour head start, those who haven’t might only be able to get their hands on Phase 2!

What does freedom mean to you? Ensure yours is written in the history books of Plett Rage.

Find out more: www.plettrage.co.za