Hey there! In this section, we’ve got some budgeting tips for all you cool kids heading to Plett Rage. We know how much you guys look forward to this event, especially after waiting for years until your Matric year. But listen up, even though it’s a huge moment, it can be pricey. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out your finances, because memories that last a lifetime don’t always come cheap.

Going to a festival can be super hype and leave you with lifelong memories, but let’s face it, it can get crazy expensive. Don’t stress though, you can still enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. The cost can vary a lot based on what amenities you want, what kind of food you’re into, and where you’re staying. Use our breakdown below to plan without the worry of overspending!

Daily Spend:

Local Transport

R150.00; depends on where you’re staying.


R250.00-R600.00; depends on how much booze you consume on average… Ragers spend R280 per day at bars.


R120.00-R300.00; to save costs you can prep your food at home and use our Friends of The Festival Offers!


R150.00; is the average amount Ragers spend purchasing merchandise, memorabilia and other daily items.

Set Rates

Festival Passport

R2400.00-R4000.00; depending on your type and phase.


R400.00-R1200.00; when it comes to where you’re staying during the fest, you’ve got tons of options, from roughing it in a tent to living it up at Beacon Isle. But listen up, whether you’re bunking with friends or going solo can seriously impact how much cash you’ll need. Just remember, you’ll be spending way more time out and about than in your digs, so choose wisely and keep your budget in mind.


R400.00-R5000.00; completely depends  on where you’re located, driving could cost as little as R400.00, or you might prefer flying directly with CemAir


You know festival fashion is a major part of our lives, and Plett Rage is no exception. You’ve got total freedom in deciding what gear you want to rock, but listen up! It’s important to think about the bigger picture. Choosing sustainable clothes that can be worn in different ways is the smart way to go. That way, you’re not just wasting cash on something you’ll wear only once, and you’re doing your part in helping the planet.

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Plett Rage 2024

Plett Rage 2024. What better way to do this than by honouring the age-old tradition of having a week-long jol with your best mates, the ones who carried you through it all. Buy your Passport now and make memories for a lifetime!