When is Plett Rage?

Plett Rage 2018 takes place from the 30th of November till the 7th of December (Our festival grounds are closed on Sunday 2 December and Friday 7 December but a fat party will be hosted at Bikini Beach on these days).

Can I bring my car to Plett?
Cars may be brought to Plett, however we must emphasise that we do not condone drinking and driving and it is suggested that upon arrival, you should park your car and make use of a taxi or cab service to the designated official Plett Rage transport pickup points, no parking or drop-off are allowed at the night time festival grounds.

How does one commute in Plett?
Getting to Plettenberg Bay for Plett Rage is solely up to you and at your own costs, although most Plett Ragers tend to enjoy a memorable road trip and carpooling with friends. Other tend to make use of long hall buses some tend to make use of flights into PE, George or Plett.

Are there Plett Rage packages that include accommodation and transport?
Except for Rage Village the ultimate camping experience where you get to choose from self camping and glamping our company focuses specifically on the entertainment aspect of the festival, however we work with recommended accommodation suppliers, who focus on venues that offer student friendly accommodation. You can find their details under our Accommodation tab.

Can one purchase food at the festival?
There are a number of food stalls at the venues where one can buy food etc.

How will I know that the agent is in fact legit and the ticket he or she is selling are real?
Plett Rage Agents have a dedicated Howler link, these agents can help and assist you with any Plett Rage questions you might have.

What can’t I bring to Rage?
At the specific Plett Rage venues, security bouncers are there to ensure your safety and will check to make sure people entering don’t have anything they shouldn’t have. This includes: No Knives / No Guns / No Alcohol / No Drugs / No Glass / No Explosives / No Recording devices or professional video equipment

How does one commute in Plett?
Please visit our Transport tab for a detailed breakdown to the transportation in Plettenberg Bay.

What is the minimum age to attend Plett Rage?
Strictly no under 18’s allowed, and all attendees will require identification to enter the event – only original id books/cards, drivers license cards & passports will be accepted.

What safety measures while at Plett Rage?
All venues at Plett Rage have medics and medical support who offer 24hour assistance to all attendances. Paramedics are on hand at night at Festival grounds throughout the festival to attend to any emergencies. All venues also has an experienced security team as well as close ties to local law enforcement. Partying in a safe environment is our main concern!

Is Plett Rage safe?
All party venues at Plett Rage have medics and medical support who offer 24hour assistance to all attendances. Paramedics are on hand at night at Festival grounds throughout the festival to attend to any emergencies. Partying in a safe environment is our main concern!

I bought a ticket but haven’t received it via email?
Please check your spam folder or contact support@howler.co.za for ticket queries

Can I cancel my ticket if I decide not to attend?
Once ticket(s) are sold they/it cannot be refunded, tickets can be transferred until the 31 October in the year of which it is bought.

When and where do we collect our Plett Rage festival armbands?
Collection takes place within Plettenberg Bay, the venue will be announced on our social media channels closer to the festival date. If you aren’t able to be in Plettenberg Bay on the first day for wristband collection, don’t stress you can collect your wristband at Bikini Beach any day of the week.

What does a ticket get you?
Each ticket has it’s own has it’s very own perks, so be sure to have a look what ticket is best for you!

What are ticket Phases?
Ticket Phases are ticket breakdowns, the ticket perks are exactly the same for the ticket the only difference is you are rewarded with a cheaper price the earlier you purchase.

What are Ticket Breaks?
Plett Rage ticket sales breaks are periods of time where we pause the sales of tickets for students and parents to take a break and focus on holidays, family time and the very important exam time. Ticket Breaks take place between ticket phases, for Ticket Break dates, please follow our social media.

Are there discounted Alumni tickets for sale?
Due to great demand we have issued limited Alumni Tickets, these tickets only go on sale towards the end of the year for all our loyal Plett Ragers and accredited students!

Is having a ticket essential in order to go to Rage?
Yes, no day tickets are available to our major night attraction, but there are opportunities to enjoy Bikini Beach. Due to the high volume of sales we have already experienced, we would like to advise that you purchase a ticket to avoid disappointment, as it is bound to sell out.

What if my armband falls off during Rage?
It is highly unlikely that your pass will fall off, as your material wristband is clamped on with a metal ring which shouldn’t be able to slip off. However if it does fall off and you bring it to us with your ID we will replace it for free. If you have no sign of it, you will have to take proof of ID to the registration tables and pay R100 for a new one.

What is the Plett Rage ticket T’s & C’s?
Please visit the Ticket tab for the full list of Plett Rage ticketing T’s & C’s.

What does a Plett Rage Village ticket get me?
Accommodation at Rage Village from 30 November till the morning of the 7th of December – 11am.

What should I bring?
General camping equipment: Tent – mattress Bedding Caravan, flashlight padlock for your tent, cooler boxes, food making utensils and items washing up supplies. Essential and Deluxe campers wouldn’t have to bring their own tent and bedding.

What can’t I bring?
Knives, Guns, Explosives, Fireworks, Drugs and Bad Attitudes

Will there be power at my campsite?
Each stand has a single power supply – you will have to bring along a caravan adapter plug (these are blue in colour – and can be purchased from any camping, outdoor shop. The reception will have a few available to purchase R 140.00) as well as a lead and multi plug if you wish. People camping on the Open Stands – will share power with other campers on these stands.

Can I bring my car to Rage Village?
We would recommend not bringing vehicles to Rage. However, should you decide to do so – we suggest that upon arrival, you park your car and make use of the Plett Rage Transport that will operate on designated routes throughout Rage – in an attempt to reduce putting oneself at risk. Only one vehicle per site included in rate. Extra vehicles allowed at an additional fee of R30 per day (Parking is limited).

How many people are allowed on a Self-Camping site?
Minimum 4, Maximum 8 – (Individuals and groups less than 4 will be accommodated on “Open” stands if available – where there are other individuals or small groups)

When am I allowed to camp?
On the 30th of November – you will head to the armband collection (from 11 am). You will pay your deposit per stand breakage fee (refundable T&C’s apply), receive your access band for the Campsite and be given a few last minute details. You can then access the venue from 2pm.

When do I need to leave?
On the 7th of December 2018 – Check Out at Rage Village is between 9 am and 10 am – this means you have to pack up and be off your site and move to the reception area, a manager will see that all is okay on your site: If there are any damages – this will be deducted from the breakage deposit, and if no damages your deposit will be returned. All students to vacate Rage Village no later than 11am.

Who can enter the Rage Village site?
No one except for Plett Rage Village pass holders, official staff members and artistsplaying at the Plett Rage stages and Plett Rage staff. No day visitors will be permitted

Can I purchase food at the Rage Village grounds?
Plett Rage Village has a kiosk (Hours: 8 am – 8 pm), we advise that you make use of our Plett Rage Friends of the Festival who offer special deals to all Ragers! There are a number of food stalls at the festival grounds where one can buy food etc. We sell mainly hot foods to cater for all customers.

Can one buy alcohol at Rage Village?
You can bring your own alcohol. Please note that alcohol may only be consumed at your campsite – no alcohol may be consumed in Public Areas i.e. the swimming pool, river, etc.

What safety measures are in place at Rage Village?
Extra security staff are employed over the Rage period. Managers are on duty to assist should any incidents arise. Ultimately Ragers do have to take responsibility for themselves and their possessions.

Can I upgrade to a Rage Village ticket?
You can upgrade your ticket, please contact support@howler.co.za or for ticket queries.

How do I apply to become an artist for Plett Rage?
Although Plett Rage has longstanding relationships with many headlining artists and booking agents we do also like to offer Plett Rage as a platform for up-and-coming artists. These artists have to have performed at, minimum ten club shows, have released an EP and should have a professional social media following on the various social media platforms. If you adhere to these points and you would like to apply please send your EPK to ashley@plettrage.co.za.

Does Plett Rage book international artists?
Plett Rage is a proudly South African festival, although we host some of the biggest and most trend-setting local artist our festival does not rely on the line-up alone. Plett Rage is more than just a party or a line-up, it’s a celebration and thousands of Plett Ragers have entrusted us as music curator of this epic milestone celebration.

What is the line-up for Plett Rage?
The Plett Rage line-up is exclusively released on our social media channels, if you do not see artists announcements on our feeds, the artists announcements haven’t been kicked off – in that case be sure to watch our hype videos and After Movies for a glimpse of what to expect!